Work shop in Uganda “Shade for Stops”

Being inspired by ‘Thank you for being late (2017)’ by Thomas Friedman, five ‘shade for stops’ waiting places were created in a seven days joint workshop between Ugandan and Japanese students. Kampala is a rapidly developing city with an urban character, but if you go to the peripheral areas people still live a more ‘country life’ there. In other words, we can say that the slow moving ‘waiting’ life and rushing ‘can’t wait’ life co-exist together and has not replaced each other. In this workshop, through quick research of existing ‘stops’ in Kampala, applicants were asked to collect architectural ideas from places where people usually wait. Afterwards, these collected ideas had used to develop new ‘waiting places’ in the yard of a restaurant in Kampala.


SITE :  Yamasen Japanese Restaurant
Function:  Stops (SHADE for Stops)
Material: Steel、Timber、others
Complete: 2019
Photo:Timothy Latim
Movie : Tsuyoshi Anzai/Edit, Nyabo Ssebo (Saeko Kurokawa, Yousuke Tanaka)/Music

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