Yamasen Japanese Restaurant

The big thatched roof complements the gently sloping land at a right angle to the contour line, so as to keep the natural slope in sight. At the lowest point it is a two-story building, whereas, in the middle, the basement melts into the landscape. Under the roof, along with five existing trees, there are a Japanese restaurant, a café and small shops sheltered from strong sunlight and occasional rain. The roof structures are made out of local eucalyptus, which is normally used for roof trusses and scaffolding because it tends to shrink, twist and crack. After an improved drying and lumbering process, the timber was sturdy enough to be used for the main structures.


Location:Kampala Uganda

Use: Commercial(Japanese Restaurant、Cafe、Shop etc)
Completion: 2018

Total floor area: 785㎡

Local architects:Dream Architects
Contractor:  Cots Cots Ltd (separately ordering)

Structure Design:Erias Walugunbe, Mitsuhiro Kanada /Tokyo University of the Arts, Yoshinori Suzuki /TECTONICA. INC
Photo: Timothy Latim
Publication: Shinkenchiku 2019.5design boomarchdailygoooodavontuura arkitectureonweb/architekture FACHMAGAZINarchitecturephotonetArchitectural GuideTECTURETECTUREMAG
Award: Good Design Gold Award 2020
Japan Construction International Award
Archi-Neering Design AWARD 2022 Best Award

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