House in Minamiyama New Town

The house is located on the edge of a hill that has been reclaimed as a residential area. Many lots are unoccupied so the site was quite open to the road while having a great view of the hill. Two rectangular structures have been designed to be as open as possible while maintaining privacy. Each has a different character; one is a closed “introverted” two-story building and the other is a more exposed,”extroverted” single-story building. The introvert provides one big bedroom on the upper floor, bathrooms, and a kitchen for a family. The extrovert provides an entrance, kitchen/bathroom/room for guests with the intersection as a dining room for a family and guests.


Location: Kato city Hyogo
Use: Residential
Completion: 2018

Total Floor Area: 124㎡
Contractore: Sanno Housing Co.,Ltd

Structure Design:TECTONICA.INC

Photo: Yohei Sasakura

Publication: architecturephotonetTECTURETECTUREMAG

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