Terraced Land House

The house is located on renovated land with a great panorama looking down at Takarazuka Seaport City. The sculptural form is constructed with three large windows with “shoji” screens to capture different views from the main rooms while small windows point at particular views like trees.
This project involves the renovation of an apartment on the ground floor. At the end of a corridor, there is a kitchen with a separate dining and living room. A new V-shaped ceiling unites these rooms facing the garden. It is called a butterfly ceiling apartment.


Location: Takarazuka, Hyogo
Use: Residential house
Completion: 2017
Total Floor Area: 106.16㎡
Contractor: Sanno Housing Co.,Ltd
Photo: Yohei Sasakura

TERRAIN architects

Publication : Jutakutokushu 2020:1TECTURE

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